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6 disc collection of all music cues from all the German TV or cinema films that TD have done soundtracks for and which have only ever been broadcast on European TV. Some tracks contain dialogue and/or sound effects. Most films are original German language versions. The films asterisked below did not contain any original Tangerine Dream or Edgar Froese solo music but they are included due to short extracts of either Peter Baumann or Klaus Schulze solo music. Other exceptions are 'Mandala' which is a Japanese animated film, 'Pauline et l'Ordinateur' which is a French TV film and 'Identification of a Woman' which is a joint French/Italian film.

Music from the following films appears:

Auf Schiesser Schiest Man Nicht

Bis zum Hals im Dreck


Das Mädchen auf der Treppe

Das Verbotene Spiel

Destination Berlin

Ein Für Alle Mal


Geradeaus Bis Zum Morgen

Heisser Schnee/Neige Brulante *

Identification of a Woman *

Kamikaze 1989

Kassensturz *



Metropole Berlin


Pauline et L'Ordinateur

Signale aus der Schwäbischen Strasse




When the GSC is put next to its sister collections 'The Digital Soundtrack Collection' (DSC) and 'The Analogue Soundtrack Collection' (ASC), you will have a complete collection of all the existing soundtracks done by TD, taken directly from the best video or audio sources available, in their original language versions. Put next to the official releases they will be all you need :-) It should also be noted that these three collections together replace the previously available 'Cinema Lost, Cinema Found'.

A remastered 'Best Of' (1 CD-R) containing extracts from all the collections exists, click here: