These pages are intended to show the following:

i) colour pictures of acceptable quality of all sleeves of official albums and singles released on CD and vinyl by Tangerine Dream and Edgar Froese

ii) a complete list of all the different material released, including names and running times of all individual tracks as well as catalogue numbers. This is so that anyone who is building a complete collection of material officially released by Tangerine Dream can see exactly what is missing from their collection

iii) a list of cinema films, TV films, video films and music videos that Tangerine Dream have contributed music for. This is probably the most difficult list to keep up to date, due to TD's music being used for many TV programmes all over the world without the band's permission. In some cases it is difficult to keep track of whether the music was written specifically for the film, or whether the music was lifted directly from studio or live albums. Entries listed in the film section are all those which the author was aware of at the time of writing. Corrections and additions will be particularly welcome, please e-mail, the address is on the homepage

iv) a complete list of all concerts the band has ever performed

This information source is intended to give guidance to collectors of the music itself, with a view to finding the best source of the tracks needed to complete their collections, and at the same time avoiding unnecessary duplication of tracks (which is the case with many of the compilation albums of course, as well as some of the studio albums). This band has released more than 150 albums to date (including compilations), so it makes sense to choose wisely from an already bewildering amount of material available.

The album discography has not been divided into parts, namely studio albums, live albums and film soundtracks, simply because some of the albums do not fit exactly into any of these categories; a lot of the so-called 'live' albums for example have been significantly remixed, and even re-recorded in some cases, in the studio.

I have only included solo material by Edgar Froese; the other ex-members of the band all have their own web pages with excellent discographies (except Peter Baumann), links to which can be found on the homepage of this site.

It should be noted that this discography only covers British, European and American releases, with a few exceptions here and there (e.g. a few Japanese VCDs appear). If the occasion arises, this discography will be updated to include world-wide releases (and may be translated into different languages). This would mean a considerable amount of contribution from and collaboration with fans from all over the world however, so this will not happen overnight!

Bootlegs have also been omitted for obvious legal reasons; the band themselves do not endorse or even approve of bootleg material, and are even in the process of legally pursuing certain bootleggers, not to mention the fact that this area is a real minefield when you consider the technology available today capable of reproducing near-perfect copies of the original source. This raises the question "what is a bootleg?" I would define this as 'an illegal recording made by people not directly involved with or endorsed by the band, either for personal use or their own financial gain, and commonly of inferior quality to official material'. Enough said!

The majority of the album covers pictured on this site have been scanned from the CDs of UK/European releases, with the rest being US imports. Vinyl LP/single covers are only shown where the album was only released in this format (or in some cases where they differ significantly from the CD release), i.e. cassette covers are not shown (with two exceptions, where the music was only released in this format). I apologise at this point for certain omissions and/or lack of certain full-size sleeve images, this is because I don't have examples of these in my collection, and have been unable to get hold of acceptable quality scans from other sources, although there are only a small handful of images of below standard quality at the time of writing.

If a UK release has a significantly different cover to the US release, both covers have been included. In some cases as many as five different covers have been released (e.g. Rockoon).

One more small point - you won't find critical reviews here!

To conclude, I would like to thank (in no particular order) all the people who helped with this project, and to acknowledge the various sources that this information was compiled from, namely:

· Michael Berling (author of the excellent 'Voices in the Net' site)

· Robin Harris (editor of the official John Foxx site) for his advice & help with design and construction

· 'Voices in the Dunes - The Tangerine Dream Worldwide Discography' by Rolf Sonneman, Peter Stoeferle and Matt Hargreaves

· 'Digital Gothic - A Critical Discography of Tangerine Dream' by Paul Stump

· 'Dream Collector' magazine by Christian Horn, Siegfried Lindhorst, Rolf Sonnemann and Peter Stoeferle

· The following 'hardcore' TD fans: Peter Ravn, Klaus Beschorner, Rainer Rutka, Victor Rek, Heiko Heerssen and Nicola Cont (see the fan links page for links to their sites)

· Various sites on the internet from which I 'borrowed' a few of the images

· Sabrina for her patience during the months that it took to put these pages together!

The contributors and myself hope that you find this discography both informative and useful.


The Editor


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