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01 Going West 4.14
02 Afternoon in the Desert 3.36
03 Plane Ride 3.37
04 Mystery Tracks 3.15
05 Lost in the Dunes 2.42
06 Highway Patrol 4.11
07 Love Phantasy 3.42
08 Mad Cap Story 4.01
09 Dirty Cross Roads 4.24
10 Flashpoint *

Recorded in (year):



  Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling (* by the Gems)

Record Label:

  Heavy Metal Records

Catalogue Number:

  HMI XD 29
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  Film soundtrack. Original CD release was faulty and was withdrawn from circulation almost immediately; only a few playable copies exist. It did not resurface until 1995 in the USA (One Way Records/Cema Special Markets S21-18507, pictured below left). Also released as a vinyl picture disc (pictured below right).

1995 re-release CD:

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Vinyl picture disc

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