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A 14 CD collection of excerpts from all the US cinema films that TD have done soundtracks for and which have appeared on one digital format or another, namely DVD, Laserdisc or VCD. All tracks are in digital stereo with the exception of Streethawk which is in mono. Some tracks contain dialogue. All films are original English language versions. Some TV and/or cinema trailers are also included.

Important note:

Since the The Digital Soundtrack Collection ('DSC') was released, several better quality and/or more complete recordings have come in to my possession, namely 'The Keep', 'Flashpoint', 'Firestarter', 'The Soldier', 'The Man Inside' and 'Rainbow Drive'. This means that 5 of the DSC discs have now been replaced with newer and better versions, some tracks have been shuffled around to fit. These discs are volumes 1, 3, 7, 9 and 12. Two more volumes have been added, 13 and 14. Replacement back covers for volumes 1, 3, 7, 9 and 12 as well as front/back covers for the new volumes 13 and 14 can be found above.

Music from the following films appears:

Canyon Dreams (Shadow Flyer)

Catch Me if You Can




Legend (US theatrical version)

Miracle Mile

Near Dark

Nightmare City (end titles)

Rainbow Drive

Red Heat

Red Nights

Risky Business

Shy People


Streethawk (pilot episode)

The Keep

The Man Inside

The Soldier

The Switch


Three O'Clock High

The Game of Love

Vision Quest


The following films are NOT included, because they have never appeared on any digital format, only on VHS or on TV:

Dead Solid Perfect

Deadly Care


City of Shadows


Strange Behavior

The Park is Mine

These 7 films do however appear on a follow-up collection called 'The Analogue Soundtrack Collection' thus completing the catalogue of Hollywood films that Tangerine Dream have written exclusive music for.

Since this collection was released, the film 'Near Dark' has been released on DVD, as well as 'Strange Behavior'. The latter appears on the 'The Analogue Soundtrack Collection' in its digital form, all tracks are isolated so do not contain dialogue or sound effects. I have also since discovered that 'The Soldier' was released on VCD in 2002 but I have never seen physical proof that it was released on laserdisc, so it seems that the tracks from disc 3 of the first version of the DSC were probably taken from the VHS, not the laserdisc as stated on the cover.

Latest news (September 2004): The 'German Soundtrack Collection' (GSC), the third and final instalment in this series has just been has been completed. With the DSC and ASC this completes the set of all original film soundtracks scored by Tangerine Dream. These three sets together replace the previously available 'Cinema Lost, Cinema Found'. A 'Best Of' (1 CD-R) containing extracts from all the collections exists, click here: