Note from the Editor:

This list is as complete as possible and all the information has been carefully verified and researched. It often happens that a fan tape or bootleg recording is incorrectly labelled (wrong date, wrong venue). This list however has not been compiled using bootleg covers as a reference, rather from reliable and proven sources. In most cases the details have been verified by fans who actually attended the concerts and have supplied hard evidence (ticket stubs usually) to prove that they really took place.

The concerts for which official or fan recordings exist are marked 'yes' in the last column on each page. If there has been an official release of that concert, a link to the appropriate album page is in the last column against the appropriate entry. The best quality fan recordings are available on the 'Tangerine Tree' ('TT') and the 'Tangerine Leaves' ('TL') projects, run by fans on the Tadream mailing list. These versions are highly recommended by the author as a starting point for new fans to expand their collection of live concerts, without paying extortionate prices for 'original' bootlegs, which are often sub-standard, inaccurately labelled and incomplete. More than 80 concerts are available in the TT series alone. The TT series contains concerts with very good sound quality, the TL series are generally slightly lower quality but are still the best quality recordings known to fans. The TT & TL volume numbers can be found in the last column against the appropriate entries, and also on two separate lists, Tangerine Tree and Tangerine Leaves. These versions are the complete concerts including encores, appearing in this form for the first time in some cases. The band is aware of this project, indeed they have been given their own copies of it, and they tolerate it despite the fact that it is strictly speaking a collection of bootleg recordings. The covers can be viewed/downloaded here. The band have remastered a certain number of the TT recordings and made them available on two official releases, The Bootleg Box set vol. 1 and The Bootleg Box set vol. 2. Note that some of the concerts known as the 'Bootmoon' series were not endorsed or remastered by the band. The author does not recommend these, for several reasons: their inferior sound quality, mediocre and inaccurate covers, mistakes with early release versions where in some cases the wrong discs were included and last but not least, their high price.

This information was compiled from various sources. All concert dates from 1968 to 1990 have been taken from the world-wide discography 'Voices in the Dunes' with permission from the authors, however some corrections have been made. Concert dates from 1990 to the present day have been supplied by various other fans. Special thanks go to the following fans without whom this list would not have been possible, namely Peter Stoeferle, Rolf Sonnemann, Heiko Heerssen and Klaus Beschorner.

Having said this, there may be a few minor errors which will be corrected when they come to light, and there are some instances where the information could not be 100% confirmed at the time of writing. If you know of any corrections that need to be made and you can prove with a ticket stub that your information is correct (especially any new information concerning their Australian tour in 1975), please do not hesitate to contact me:


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