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8 disc collection of excerpts from all the US cinema films that TD have done soundtracks for and which have only ever appeared on VHS format. Some tracks contain dialogue. All films are original English language versions.

Music from the following films appears:

Dead Solid Perfect

Deadly Care


City of Shadows


Strange Behavior (from the isolated DVD soundtrack)

The Park is Mine

Canyon Dreams (unreleased out-takes)

Shy People (original cues from scoring reels)

3 o'clock High (original cues from scoring reels)

Red Heat (original cues - unknown source)

When the ASC is put next to its the sister collection 'The Digital Soundtrack Collection' (DSC), you will have a complete collection of all the existing soundtracks done by TD for Hollywood, taken directly from the best video sources available, in their original English versions. Put next to the official releases they will be all you need :-)

A special mention for the tracks included from 'The Keep':

You might say 'oh no, not another compilation of Keep tracks', but this one has the advantage of being really complete. Despite the fact that in the past titles like 'ultimate edition' and 'definite' edition (should that be 'definitive'?) have been used, there has always been something missing from them, or some tracks have been taken from other sources but not all, and/or official tracks have been used.

This collection has been carefully compared with all other unofficial recordings which exist concerning The Keep and all the individual tracks have been included. The best versions have been used, all tracks which have already been officially released are not included (no point), and duplicates have been omitted (on some collections the same track appears twice but one is longer/more complete than the other, etc...). So basically, if you are confused by all the unofficial releases but want to own everything, this is the one for you :-)

Some of you may be aware that tracks from The Keep appear on different discs of the DSC. Well since this came out, better versions have come into my possession so the tracks on the discs have been shuffled around and updated. These updates to the DSC are included as bonus discs to the Analogue Soundtrack Collection ('ASC'), amended covers will be available for download from this site.

It should be noted that there are two different endings to the film. The improved laserdisc version has been added to the DSC volume 9 and the extended VHS version has been included on the ASC (same as 'Cinema Lost Cinema Found' volume 2 track 16).

Update (September 2004): Since the recent release of Tangerine Tree 6 volume 54, tracks from 'The Keep' on ASC volume 6 taken from the 'Blue Moon' bootleg have been superceded by better versions. The amended back cover for volume 6 is available above, the amended disc will be distributed as an extra disc to the 'German Soundtrack Collection' (GSC), the third and final instalment in this series which has just been has been completed. With the DSC and ASC this completes the set of all original film soundtracks scored by Tangerine Dream. These three sets together replace the previously available 'Cinema Lost, Cinema Found'.

Update (February 2009): Cover for new volume 9 added (The Switch soundtrack)

A remastered 'Best Of' (1 CD-R) containing extracts from all the collections exists, click here:

Sample track (mp3)