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Filmed in (year):   1985
Directors:   Richard Compton, Daniel Haller
Starring:   Rex Smith, Joe Regalbuto
VHS video release details:   MCA Home Video, Universal City / California / U.S.A., catalogue no. 0131
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US TV series of 12 episodes, originally broadcast between January 4 and May 16 1985 on ABC-TV. This first pilot episode was feature-length. Released on VHS and laserdisc. TD did the original music score for all episodes of the series.

More information about 'Streethawk':

'The Ultimate High-Tech Crimefighter'.

Streethawk is an action packed High-Tech thriller starring Rex Smith as Jesse Mach, a hot shot motorcycle officer. Mach has been hand picked for OPERATION STREETHAWK, to ride the ultimate machine. Jet black sleek, low and fast, STREETHAWK is loaded with surprises: Hyperthrust to propel the bike up to 300 mph, a compressed air vertical lift system, and an attack gun which utilizes laser particle beams.

STREETHAWK is linked to a computer control centre which monitors and guides its every move.

After an unsuccessful and almost fatal assignment against a notorious drug ring, Jesse is approached by Norman Tuttle (Joe Regalbuto) who is a Federal Government Research Engineer and creator of STREETHAWK. Mach agrees to undergo restorative surgery and join the secret OPERATION STREETHAWK. The two combine as an extraordinary crime fighting team.

Mach and his super powered bike use their unorthodox ways to fight crime in the city - and to avenge the death of a friend.

Christopher Lloyd makes a special appearance as the drug baron who ultimately must combat the full force of STREETHAWK.

VHS, 1984, 90 minute, Not Rated, color, SP mode, USA, MCA Home Video. Originally aired January 4, 1985.

Cast includes in no particular order:

Rex Smith .... Jesse Mach

(Richie Rich: A Christmas Story, Passion to Kill, Danielle Steel's 'Once in a Lifetime', DareDevil TV Series as Matt Murdock/DareDevil, As the World Turns TV Series as Darryl Crawford, Perry Mason: The Case of the Silenced Singer, Transformations, Sooner or Later, Street Hawk TV Series, Pirates of Penzance, Solid Gold TV Series as Host, Headin' for Broadway)

Joe Regalbuto .... Norman Tuttle

(Murphy Brown TV Series as Francis 'Frank' Fontana)

Christopher Lloyd .... Anthony Corrido

(Chasing Destiny, Fate Totally Worse Than Death, Interstate 60, Kids World, Wish You Were Dead, Dinner at Fred', Baby Geniuses, My Favorite Martian, Changing Habits,Angels in the Endzone, Anastasia, Quicksilver Highway, Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, Angels in the Outfield, Dennis the Menace, Addams Family Values, Addams Family, as. Uncle Fester Addams, Back to the Future: The Animated Series, Back to the Future... The Ride, Back to the Future Part III, Dream Team, Back to the Future Part II, Eight Men Out, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Clue, Back to the Future as Dr. Emmett L. "Doc" Brown, Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, To Be or Not to Be, Mr. Mom, September Gun, Postman Always Rings Twice, Schizoid, Butch and Sundance: The Early Days, Lady in Red, The Onion Field, Goin' South, Taxi TV Series as "Reverend Jim" Ignatowski, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)

Richard Venture .... Capt. Leo Altobelli

Jeannie Wilson .... Rachel Adams

Raymond Singer .... Bernie

R.J. Adams .... Sgt. Mike

Robert Beltran .... Marty Walsh

(Trekkies, "Star Trek: Voyager TV Series as Chakotay, Star Trek: Voyager - Caretaker as Chakotay, Models Inc., Night of the Comet, Calendar Girl Murders, Lone Wolf McQuade, Eating Raoul)

John Carter .... Elliott Kirby

Doug Cox .... Eddie Williams

Jayne Modean .... Sandy McCoy

Lawrence Pressman .... Thomas Miller

(Dark Angel TV Series as Jonas Cale, American Pie as Coach Marshall, Mighty Joe Young, Very Bad Things,Doogie Howser, M.D. TV Series as Doctor Canfield, Little Girl Lost, Hanoi Hilton, Winds of War TV Series as Bunky Thurston, Nine to Five, Gathering, Part II, The Gathering, Man from Atlantis, "Rich Man, Poor Man, Shaft as Sergeant Tom Hannon )

Directed by Virgil Vogel

("One West Waikiki, "Walker, Texas Ranger, "Quantum Leap, "Spenser: For Hire, "Miami Vice, "Airwolf, "Scarecrow and Mrs. King, "Voyagers! TV Series, "Knight Rider, "Magnum, P.I., "White Shadow, "Man from Atlantis, "Police Woman, "Six Million Dollar Man, "Police Story, "Barnaby Jones, "Cannon, "Mission: Impossible, "Big Valley, "Bonanza, "Cimarron City, "Wagon Train TV Series )

Written by Robert Wolterstorfff

(1990, 1991 Emmy nomination as supervising producer for Outstanding Drama Series for: Quantum Leap. Other works include: Incredible Hulk TV Series, Eight Is Enough TV Series)

and Paul M. Belous (Incredible Hulk TV Series, Eight Is Enough TV Series)

Original music by Christopher Franke and Tangerine Dream

Jim Michaels .... 24 frame computer playback operator

Jesse Wayne .... stunts

Under-rated super vehicle with superb soundtrack

Back in the "super vehicle boom" with Airwolf, Knight Rider, The Highwayman and this show, teenagers everywhere watched week after week with anticipation for the next episode.

Yeah well, KNIGHT RIDER made it because a 4 wheel crime-buster was always going to win out over a two-wheeled vigilantemobile! Street Hawk's "Harley with attitude" might have had a 200 mph speed capability and a $3 million price tag (bit suss, that one!) but when all was said and done, Rex Smith was no Steve McQueen! More like crime-fighter Disney style.

While Airwolf was the only adult show of the whole lot, Knight Rider the most family orientated, Street Hawk was aimed at a teenage demographic. Why it failed is anybody's guess (probably time-slot or competition on the other channels at the time), but while Airwolf and Knight Rider both made 4 successful seasons each (and now run in syndication today), Street Hawk was cancelled after a half season of 13 episodes - which was a real shame.

The action, the bike, the music... especially the music by Tangerine Dream (they actually did 3.5 hours of a musical suite for the show which was then split up for each individual episode - a well overdue soundtrack release would be appreciated!) added to the high-tech production values of this comic-book type show. It never got a chance.

Best of the offerings, the actual Pilot telemovie entitled STREET HAWK. It ran for 75 minutes and was released in many countries as a one-off video. Besides some skimpy background to Street Hawk's existence - The rookie cop, consigned to Public Relations, mega-bike wages war against the local "Mr Big" (Christopher Lloyd in a most un-Disney role). Not only does Jess Mach (Smith) take out Lloyd's cronies, he performs an aerial ballet that sees Lloyd and his 4 Wheel drive nose dive DUEL style off a desert cliff!

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