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Filmed in (year):   1990
Director:   Bobby Roth
Starring:   Peter Weller
Catalogue No (ASIN):   630279465X
Link to album page: N/A-score not yet released on album
 Comments:   US cable TV film. A complete original music score was written for this film. Released on VHS and laserdisc. The soundtrack was planned for release in late 2000 (but for some reason never was) via Silva Screen, who have already released TD soundtracks for the following films: 'Heartbreakers', 'Near Dark', 'Shy People', 'Dead Solid Perfect', 'Deadly Care' and 'The Park is Mine' (it is worth noting that the latter three of these soundtrack CDs were badly edited and /or released without the cooperation of TD, on the other hand they contain all the music exactly as it was submitted to the film studio which is rare for TD soundtracks).